Mild & High Tensile Strength Steel Electrodes

TC-400 is a high cellulose coated electrode to achieve deep penetration into the base metal.
Rutile based medium coated all position high strength electrode for welding mild steels and carbon steels.
A heavy coated low hydrogen premium iron powder all positioned electrode for welding low, medium and high carbon steels.
TC-403 high cellulose coated electrode provide excellent arc stability increase ductility, high deposition efficency and low spatter.
TC-404 is high titanium coated electrode developed for thin sections and poor fitup joints.
TC-406 is a high cellulose electrode developed specially for welding pipelines.
TC-407 is an iron powder rutile type electrode designed to operate at high speed with greater deposition efficency.
TC-408 is a low hydrogen, all positioned electrode used for welding heavy duty steel structures and plates.
TC-409 is a low hydrogen with Mo electrode used for welding carbon - molybdenum steels which are subjected to temperatures as high as 1000*F.
TC-410 is an iron powder, ritile coated electrode designed for high speed, single pass horizintal and flat fillet welding of mild steel.
Premium basic coated electrode for low hydrogen type electrode for welding of high strength steels.
TC-412 is low hydrogen type covered electrode for 690N/mm2 grade high tensile strength steel.
Premium basic electrode with low hydrogen electrode for welding Q&T steels.
Premium basic extra low hydrogen electrode for high tensile applications.