Special Maintainance Electrodes

A high alloy high strength electrode for welding disimilar steel and unknown steel.
Low heat input high strength high alloy electrode for joining all and any disimilar steel combinations for crack free weld.
All position welding electrode with highest tensile strength for welding unknown steels without cracking and overlays on steel of widely varying compositions.
High strength electrode for welding disimilar steel and unknown steel..
Non hygroscopic ,hydrogen controlled electrode for welding low alloy and high tensile steel.
AN advanced electrode for hot work tool steel with S13 chemical properties.
Medium hardness electrode for all tool steel with high toughness.
A premium quality electrode for repairing cutting edge on trimming dies and work hardening alloys for most tool steels.
A high cobalt base alloy for hard overlays with resistance to wear by impact and abrassion.
Work hardening electrode for hard facing cast iron moulds and draw dies without porosity.
Low heat input high strength, ferro nickel welding electrode for machinable weld on cast iron to cast iron to all steels.