Stainless Steel Electrode

Premium basic coated electrode for dissimilar metal welding on manganese steel to carbon steel castings or forgings.
Mild steel core wire for standing higher welding current and heat. More higher Mn content than 308.
Electrode for high strength joining of low-medium carbon and low alloy steel including a non steel.
Excellent electrode for joining unknown stainless steel and dissimilar steel composition operating at higher temperatures.
Lime titanium oxide type stainless steel covered electrode. Excellent for welding 19CR-9NI steels.
Premium stainless steel maintenance and repair electrode for welding molybdenum bearing stainless steels.
Low carbon lime titanium oxide type covered electrode for low carbon content stainless steel suitable for welding of 18CR-8NI stainless steel.
Basic coating of stainless steel electrode has outstanding welding performance for vertical and overhead position. Electrode for welding 18CR-8NI steels
Low heat input, low carbon stainless steel electrode with excellent strength and corrosion resistance for joining and overlay.
All deposit weld metal contains approx 23CR-13NI elements stainless steel covered electrodes good heat and corrosion resistance.
Low carbon content stainless steel welding of carbon steel or other high hardening alloy steel to stainless steel good heat and corrosion resistance.
Low carbon content with 25CR-13NI-2.5Mo weld deposit has excellent resistance to oxidation and scaling upto 1100*c welding of 316-316L stainless steel to carbon steel or low alloy steel.
asic coating of stainless steel electrode 309L stainless steel has outstanding welding performance for vertical and overhead position.
Lime titanium oxide type electrode welding of 25% Cr- 20% Ni elements to get good corrosion/heat resistance, better toughness than high hardening tendency 30% Cr steel.
Lime titanium oxide type electrode for 316 stainless steel, deposited weld metal contain 18Cr-12Ni-2Mo elements with good heat corrosion and crack resistance.
low carbon electrode for welding Cr-Ni-Mo stainless steel.
Basic stainless steel electrode suitable for welding of high acid and high resistance electrode.
Welding of AISI 317L/316 which contain higher Mo to get better pitting, crevice corrosion and heat resistance. Weld metal contain 18Cr-12Ni-3.5-Mo
Premium electrode for welding AISI 304L,309S,347,348 to 304L and their equivalents used in fertilizer, petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Industries.
Martensite structure weld metal with good oxidation and corrosion resistance electrodes with 13-Cr martensite stainless steel such as AISI-410,420J,420J2 steel .
Lime Titanium Oxide electrode for duplex stainless steel with 22Cr-9Ni-3Mo-0.15N elements.